Videos in Barcelona and Madrid

How they are our videos?

We are multidisciplinary and we united the audio-visual passion with music. We have the luck to live on our two passions and to make of them a profession. For that reason our videos are felt, worked and economic.

How we make videos?

We megred with the song

We need to understand feeling of the song to be able to propose something coherent. Until we have not listened to it so many times that we hated it, we did not stop putting it in curl.

We look for the video format that better adapts the artist

There are million video formats and each artist, just as each song, it has an own style. We strived to innovate and to propose new formats, as the video ¾, interactive video, technical experimental€¦

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We optimize resources

By less and less it is more. Two of our orders. We know that a video is necessary to harness a song, but that does not mean that a group must go to ruin to have it.

We are fast and empathic

He is habitual to be in a hurry with the launchings and is habitual to have to fight with the artist, the record company, the producer or the mother€¦ The changes last minute are the bread of every day and we assured that, in addition to arriving always in time, we do it with good roll 🙂

Type of client
Groups of music

3-5 minutes

2.000-10.000 ‚¬

Result: Innovating videos and with own style

To make an original song with a conventional video is counter-productive. To innovate in the format and to maintain your style are basic.

When there is no budget, the locations can save to you

If there is no sufficient money, we used the head instead of the pocket. We look for impressive locations or that they reinforce the idea of video.

We want to reinforce the message

Each song has a message, leit motiv own. There are many forms to reinforce that intention, but the important thing is to do it. For that reason we like to make an artistic immersion to the world of the band.

We coexist with parallel campaigns

A video can be part of a launching of a single, a disc, a promotion, a collaboration or the wedding of the Indian nephew of one of the members of the group. And as it is a very important element for any campaign, we integrated it to the 100% in her.

Entered has a video? It leaves smokes another one to me

It enchants to us to make videos. It is the audio-visual product more permissive than it exists and the creative possibilities are infinite. For that reason we implied so much in its process and production.

What contributes the good video to you?

As artist or band, a video is absolutely necessary. Every time we are more far from the typical album and we approached the launchings single to single.

We know that before there were 2 videos by album and now each song has its own video. For that reason we fought to optimize each Euro and to contribute the maximum results with the minimum resources.

What think our clients?

€œHe is graceful that puts a good opinion on which I have done with my own equipment. But it is that slight equipment€¦€

Arnau Blanch - Arnau Griso

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