Corporative videos

What is a Corporative Video?

Of the same form that nondoubts in having a name of company, a logo or a Web, you would not have to doubt in having a corporative video. All the things that represent you in 3 minutes.

How we do it? A process of artisan video

A good creative process is essential

We were called Ipod-Video-Converter because we create in a estupend¡stica philosophy. Like to like and we want we that our clients enjoy in the creative process and are convinced of the result. And all our clients repeat 🙂

Corporative videos with an agreed script

We want to avoid surprises to maintain the agreed budgets and the maximum result. We plan the runnings next to the client and visualized the final assembly with different tools.

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We mount quickly

We know that a corporative video for a company arises when there is a necessity. There is no margin and often, not even an idea.

Always there are changes, we know it

We use extremely easy tools so that you tell us where you want a change, a title, another plane or what you need. At the most we approach the idea that you have in the head for your ideal video corporative, better we will arrive at the public.

Type of client

Start Up
Personal projects

3-5 minutes

Between 1.000‚¬ €“ 10.000‚¬
according to project typology

Result: Attractive and convincing videos

A corporative video can have thousands and one forms, the options are infinite and your clients are hoping to see something that surprises to them.

We understand before speaking

We need to introduce itself in the company and to learn perfectly which are their strength, its needs, how they are his clients€¦ And then to work to fulfill the maximum the expectations of the spectator being useful to the maximum the resources available.

We maintain the attention of the public

Through multitude of cinematographic techniques and an intelligent script, we obtained that the public maintains the attention focused in the video and its content. At the most short while you retain your client, better you will be selling him your product.

Natural interviews

The credibility of a person - a commercial one not explaining a product - vendi©ndolo- is not enormous. The empathy that generates a natural interview can be the key of any corporative video for companies.

Formats adapted to the message

According to the product type or service who is wanted to sell, one is due to use a format or another one. The animations, motion graphics, the interviews on foot of street, the voice in off, must reinforce the objective.

What utility has the Video corporative marketing?

The video corporative marketing consists of the promotion of a company or a product through video. The consumption tendency every time demands more video and less text or photo.

As much in social networks, as in a Web, as in a fair, presentation, meeting, round of investment€¦ a video will sell your product of the best way.

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