Interactive video

It advances by the right to the new tendencies

What is an Interactive video?

An interactive video is a experience which the spectator becomes user and decides through bellboys, menus, surveys€¦ towards where it wants that the video goes. The statistics tell us that the content star of Internet is the video and the tendency suggests the interactive video to us is going to be the following step.

The interactive video already is here and has come to remain.

How we make an interactive video?

We define the objective

Easiest it would be to lose itself in the immensity of options of the interactive videos. For that reason he is crucial to define which is the objective: To improve the conversion? To increase your visibility? To generate viralidad? To obtain data of the user?

We create an interaction structure

Unlike a conventional video, the interactive video needs a structure, a flow chart to understand towards where they are going to go the users. The interaction must be easy and the spectator would have to arrive until a concrete point of the video.

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We develop the interactive video

Within one it structures with logic and with good usability, we created and we add the videos, the bellboys, the interactions and realised tests to ensure his success.

Type of client
Companies and projects 2.0

3 €“ 20 minutes according to amount of indexed videos

2.000 €“ 15,000 ‚¬
according to dimensions of the project

Which is the result of an interactive video?

What contributes the video to you of the future?

5 times more conversion than the standard videos

The users arrive until the end of any interactive video of company. And in fact, they repeat. It is much more easy to convince the spectator to contribute information in a form and also to buy a product. The bellboys, the surveys, the menus€¦ suggest interaction and maintain the attention of the public. In addition, you can have statistics of the use of your interactive video. And that does not have price.

The spectator is the protagonist

The spectator has happened to be part of the game. If you want to infinitely avoid to be part of scroll between the Narnia of contents of Internet, you must contribute something to the panorama. And an interactive video for social average, without a doubt, is going to surprise. Everything what you can imagine can be done with the interactive video. To inlay your Web without leaving the video, selling a product, to paint, to play, to ask€¦ Everything what you want. Or what loves the spectator.

What utility has an Interactive video?

The interactive video allows that the spectator feels like the protagonist of history. It decides and it makes advance. And there is a different video with each spectator.

To be original or to give to be able to the user. To approach of natural form your service/product or to create a unique experience. An interactive video increases the interaction, the conversion and creates many more visits to your Web, which really causes that you make more money (and better money).

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