Marketing for architects

It improves your image in the sector and sells better

What is the Social Average for Architects?

Marketing for architects has changed and now it bases the promotion on the videos. We offer a product type that power the activity in networks as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to arrive at potential collaborators or clients.

A video of an architectonic project perfectly explains a process, a challenge, the evolution of a work or a form to work concrete.

How we do it? Process of the video marketing for architects

We identify the problem

We observe the habits of the client and the tastes of its possible clients. Once we understand where it is the best format of video and which is the type of content that can be viralizar, we began to create content.

We adapt the content to the objectives

A corporative content is not the same that an informative content or some videos of kittens. Perhaps one works perfect in a type of page but in another one it goes off key completely. For that reason we needed to understand the objective of the client.

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We propose a series of action, not a video 

In v­deomarketing the video is the king, but a publication without a strategy will not arrive very far. For that reason we contributed a pack of videos for a publication battery with an objective well-defined.

We analyze the results

We take advantage of the statistics the networks and practically acted in real time to assure the greater impact to the public with the minimum investment.

Type of client

Real estate
Studies of Architecture

1 minute

Between 200 and 600 ‚¬
according to project typology

Results of marketing for architects: videos with engagement

V­deomarketing for architecture allows constant publications to entertain the public, to spread your successes or to obtain new clients.

Low cost, ample impact

Taking advantage of the recordings a work pursuit, a running of an architectonic project or free images of file or of rights, we mounted a video of less than a minute with much speed and content easy to consume.

More and better presence in the networks

I know a reference in the world of the architecture. The social average for architects contributes an extra to you of notoriety in the sector and renews the form in which you promote yourself.

Videos with a square format

The videos for Facebook or other networks are consumed of past doing scroll. For that reason the best form to visualize them is in a format of four thirds.

Titles as substitute of the sound

From the mobile little people activate the sound and for that reason the titles gain importance. The basic information and call to action visualize with text of great sizes.

What utility has the video marketing for architects?

If you do not exist in Internet, you do not exist. What it is seen of you in the networks tells much more that what you are really. For that reason it is important to transmit an image in agreement with your essence and to surprise your public with new formats.

The video marketing for architecture it consists of a constant publication of videos in the networks, which makes that better your image in Internet and which you considerably increase to the interaction with your public and your possible clients.

What think our clients?

Every so often they surprise to me with a new software or they propose to me to make a new audio-visual product to improve my communication. (I believe that they have become my consultant of new technologies without knowing it)

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