Real Estate V­deo

He sells your building as never

What is a Video for Real Estate?

Through video a building is explained and it is far better.

A video of a building must be faithful to the reality and to sell it of the possible most intelligent form. Through his narrative speech we can understand the context of the building, his services, his space and utilities. And everything in little more than 3 minutes.

Here some examples.

How we make the strategy of Real Estate V­deo?

Recording of interiors and exteriors

For a video of Real Estate we rolled the interior and the outside of the building, including the context in which one is. The recording of its environs helps us to explain where it is and what I transport and services surround it.

Cinematographic techniques in real architecture and estate

We use elegant techniques so that real estate marketing is nice and little aggressive. The video real estate marketing demands much quality to hit the sufficient thing to the possible buyer.

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We analyze each building individually

Each building demands a different way to show it and that is reflected in the strategy of Real Estate video. Perhaps the important thing in a sale is the architect, the location, the facilities, the price€¦

Videos of Barcelona and the rest of Spain

From Barcelona we moved an equipment to roll all type of projects. One of thanks of the recording process is that it is planned and direct, saving hours of extra running or days of more.

Type of client
Real estate
Studies of Architecture

2-5 minutes

Between 1.000‚¬ €“ 5.000‚¬
according to the project typology

Result: Videos as if you were same there

The different formats from Real Estate Video arise from the variety of styles from each real estate one and its clients.

If there is interest, there is no haste

A video for a real estate one lasts approximately 2-5 minutes, following its final use. The watching one already has an interest in the content that is offered and it does not matter to spend more time to him of the one than it dedicates habitually in a video of Internet.

Presentations for investors

We add animation in Motion Graphics to label all the information important to emphasize of each building. The style depends on the use of the video, the client, the corporative identity of the real estate one or even of the own building.

Diversity and dynamism

We use the best cameras and optical for architecture. We want to make an impression without distorting and renewing the aesthetic one of real estate marketing. In Real Estate the video marketing is simply going to be necessary.

Many techniques = much attention

We have verified that whatever more techniques are used in a video, more attention will have the spectator. If in 3 minutes you enjoy Steadycam, Slowmotion, Drone, Timelapse, Hyperlapse€¦ is much more difficult that I close the video.

Timelapses of Cities

Timelapses of great areas of business

Timelapse de Arquitectura

Timelapses aesthetic on the building

What utility has a Video for Real Estate?

The video real estate marketing can have different formats following its utility. A video for a meeting will demand more duration and emphasis than a video for a real estate catalogue.

Even so, once a building has been recorded, is simple to make versions for different utilities: a meeting, a fair, the Web, social networks, promotion, sale to clients€¦

What think our clients?

They have contributed to image and positioning to us name brand. In our tactical mission, they have improved ours the quality of our presentations.

Homedes Guifr© - Amat Finques

Now we told on a visual material that it allows to show all the transformation of Villa Mayfair.

Ana¯s Iglesias - The Creation House

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