Videos of Work Pursuit

It summarizes your work to hit the clients

What is a Video of work pursuit?

The technology allows to make authentic architectonic barbarisms. New techniques, styles, processes, solutions€¦ that offer worthy feats of, how minimum, a video us. A video of a construction summarizes all the process of a work of attractive and clear form, or civil engineering, the construction of a building or the construction of one marries.

In addition to the video they summarize of the project, constantly we contributed videos for social networks as small adapted capsules to teach the stage in which is the construction. It is a new form to do videomarketing for architecture.

How we recorded a work pursuit?

Videos of architectonic works and civil engineering

We dedicate several adapted days of recording to all the significant or visually impressive actions of the course of a work. Once finished the work, we concretely realised a assembly of about 3 minutes summarizing the construction and showing the contribution of the constructor, the supplier or the study of architects.

A work pursuit demands a planning and evaluation of the project to fit the budget to the maximum and to offer the most impressive and suitable result to the work at issue.

Techniques adapted to the construction

We use all type of cinematographic techniques and specific audio-visual material for recording of architecture. From steadycam, drone for construction or video in slowmotion to timelapse long play (several months of autonomy) or hyperlapse and timelapse for construction.

Type of client
Constructors, suppliers,
Studies of architecture

3-5 minutes

2.000 €“ 15,000 ‚¬
according to project typology

Result: Fast videos of 3-5 minutes

Based on the utility of the video, the result can vary much. In this format there are different subformats or applications:

Impressive aesthetic rate and:

A video of work pursuit demands a fast rate to surprise the spectator with a process that theoretically is little attractive. Their images are a selection of the best content recorded during the work.

Direct titles, useful information:

We superpose titles with excellent information (squared meters, duration, suppliers, used techniques€¦) in order to contribute useful information.

Evolution in the time:

For the videos of civil engineering or the videos of construction of buildings, we used a comparative one between his different phases to show the evolution through timelapse of the construction.

Regularity and certainty:

The key of this type of construction videos is the planning and execution of the recordings. To summarize 2-5 years of work in 2-5 minutes demands much concentration and order in the recordings and assembly.

Timelapses of construction

The technique of timelapse serves to summarize lengths processes in the construction of spectacular form

Timelapses of great areas

The construction precise of images with great perspective to understand the evolution of a space in all scopes

Slowmotion work Pursuit

Slow and lovers of detail

Slowmotion work Pursuit

Aesthetic and elegant

Timelapse Industrialized Construction

Timelapse Construction Builds Public

Timelapse Civil Engineering

Hyperlapses de Construcci³n

What utility has a Video of Construction?

A video for a constructor or a video of construction usually is used to show a principle project aim and to sell it with more facility.

The spectacularity of the video allows to a constructor, real estate or study of architecture, to sell its project in presentations, meetings, conferences or of conventional form in its Web, blog or social network.

We always offer a pack with videos for social networks and videos for corporative uses. Its utility is different and its format also must be it.

What think our clients?

Our corporative image and the form to explain our works improve every day of the hand of Ipod-Video-Converter, thanks to its capacity proposing and to its desire to surpass itself in each project.

Alejandra Li©bana - Batlle i Roig

We had the challenge to make products of diffusion nearer the society. With Ipod-Video-Converter we have been able to create a pleasant audio-visual story, near, with content and of quality.

Marta Mil  - COAC

Thanks to Ipod-Video-Converter we have improved in our value name brand and our corporative image, the visual details that work mark the difference with respect to other companies.

Daniel Guzman - Verdtical

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