Videos for architects

It teaches your work of the best possible form

How it is a video for an architect?

You have seen sufficient pelis, series and videos as knowing the amount of hallucinating things that can be done in a video. We worked so that you can have those hallucinating things in your videos of architecture.

A video for an architect must show of clear form the idea that has the architect in mind. It must help to shape complex concepts in simple and visually very suggestive messages to arrive at the public of the most effective form.

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In many occasions a project not only has architectonic, but also city-planning, social or environmental an interest. This affects directly to the format of video of the architectonic project. Even so all our formats share the same base and intention: to show of the best form the project to create the maximum impact in the public.

How we do it?

We want to understand your message

For the videos of architectonic projects the meetings between architect and Ipod-Video-Converter are crucial. Our equipment is a sponge that is soaked of ideas and concepts to clearly shape them in the speech of the video with a language. Because how we are going to count something that we do not understand?

Specific resources for architecture videos

Once we have understood the project, we decided what technical to use and with what aim. Timelapses, Steadycam, Slowmotion, Drones, Google Earth or Motion Graphics are some of the resources that we used to count an architectonic project. We record all the project with the same intention, so that the planes always go in agreement with the message of the architect.

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What function has the video?

Arrived at the phase of assembly we adapted the speech to the presentation format: Youtube, Web, Conference€¦ and/or we created a version for the necessary supports. A video for a conference is not the same that a video for a meeting with a possible client.

Constant feedback

This format of video needs the approval the client in different phases to fulfill the necessary quality and the established calendar. For that reason we counted on different tools from communication with the clients so that feedback is easy and constant. A change in a video would not have to suppose a problem, truth?

Type of client
Studies of architecture,
architects freelance

3-5 minutes in a project format
or 5-30 minutes

Between 1.000‚¬ €“ 15.000‚¬
according to project typology

Which is the result?

Based on the utility of the video, the result can vary much. In this format there are different subformats or applications:

Video for conferences

Usually it lasts between 5 and 20 minutes, it does not have sound and its rate is slow to follow the speech of the lecturer. It contains a great amount of animations.

Video for meeting

Its duration is between the 3 and 10 minutes, based on the meeting. Usually it does not have sound and its rate is slow to use it as visual support of the speech.

Documentary architectonic video

Usually it lasts around 3 minutes. It contains interviews, a review to the context of the project and generally it has a fast rate.

Video of architectonic projects

Its duration is between the 3-5 minutes and is a very commercial format. It serves to show of the most spectacular form one or more architectonic project.

Timelapses de Urban Arquitectura

The best perspective and points of view to show to a building and its surroundings

To explain urbanism never is easy

To realise animations and other creativities, help to explain the urban development of an elegant and dynamic form

Timelapses de Arquitectura

Elegance and dynamism

Timelapses de Arquitectura

Aesthetic impressive and romperdora

Timelapse on logistic

Timelapse of great spaces

Timelapses of patrimony

Timelapse of traffic

What utility has a video for an architect?

Marketing for architects develops to emotional connections between an architect and his public, facilitating the sale of a project and/or connecting better with its spectators.

The architecture videos can be used in meetings of deprived scope, conferences, chats, presentations in universities, organizations. Also they can be used, obvious, on the Web, social Blog or networks and even replace traditional €œPower Point€

What think our clients?

They surprise his seriousness and its experience because they are a very young equipment. Their proposals always improve the expectations and go beyond which it is requested to them; that is a value very difficult of finding and that it really marks the difference.

Alejandra Li©bana - Batlle i Roig

If we defined as innovation to a constant change of new features, thus it is the DNA of Ipod-Video-Converter, offer services with a quality and value differentiator. Their services go totally agreed to our needs as Urban Biotechnologia company

Dani Guzman - Verdtical

They respond quickly and they are always very flexible.

Ana¯s Iglesias - The Creation House

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