The Ipod-Video-Converter philosophy

We create in a Stupendastica philosophy based on the autoexigencia, the adaptability and the buenrollismo.

The relation with our clients is fluid, funny and natural.

And it is that with the excuse of the work we do what we like.

We want to change the form in which the work is conceived. The creativity and the happiness are perfectly compatible with the rigor at work and the chaos of our society. We are prudent to tie.

We have specialized in Social Average and Architecture. We create videos and campaigns to let grow to your company of the most dynamic and economic form.

Who we are?

Arnau Blanch
Distant Jefasso

Alternating my life of filmmaker with the one of protostar of the rock.

Xavi Alba

Would like to speak I Latin and to play the piano. It would understand better east world and it would disconnect with more facility.

Oriol de Vigo
Gadgeto to filmmaker

Thorn techno between timelapse and timelapse.

Javier Loaiza
illo, I am realisador!

I am of Cadiz, but endiendo one mijita of Catalan.

David Barreda
Publisher and flutist

There am no editao timelapse in my life, Hulio!

General director

I pretend to sleep while I control the personnel.