Videos for Social Networks

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What is a video for social networks?

A short video for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn that contribute a content of quality by an economic price and that generate engagement. As it does not have name, we have called it SmallFilm!

How we make a social video with engagement?

We are an audio-visual producer that acts as agency of Publicity

We act as an agency of Social Average and establish a corporative style for each company. We less than create videos for social networks of a minute where the thematic orbit around the company but contributing a content with very little commercial sensation.

We advise the contents

We know the contents that work better in the networks, the best types of videos for Facebook or the typical viral videos for Youtube€¦ There is no a definitive formula but that are common patterns of campaigns successfully.

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We analyze the results of the videos for social networks

Each publication is a world and has infinity of variables that affect their yield. For that reason we analyzed the results of the video in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter€¦ to understand why it has had a yield or another one and to improve it in the following publications.

Type of client
Companies and projects 2.0

60 seconds

250-500 ‚¬ by unit according to the complexity of the project

Result: Videos with many likes

Based on the utility of the video, the result can vary much. In this format there are different subformats or applications:

Fast format

The result is the classic video of square format so that inferior to the 60 seconds reproduces automatically in the social networks and with a duration to assure that it is arrived until the end, where it appears the brand.

It already works. And much.

The best example is the typical video of PlayGround style that is practically using all the mass media.

He is cheap and effective

The form to create these videos for social average is simple and allows to reduce its price. Even so, that does not mean that it is a useless video. Quite the opposite; it is the best format of video for social networks.

It does not remain in the time

The content can be banal because the video is going to be hidden after the rest of publications. The important thing is to entertain and to generate engagement.

What utility has a short video for Facebook?

The Video Marketing every time is more necessary in a context in which everything is video or image in movement. With a SmallFilm the public receives a short video and an attractive content. The client fideliza his followers, creates engagement and image name brand.

The regularity of the videos for social networks it marks to the monthly budget and the impact that is obtained. Based on the company and its intentions 4 or 8 or 16 short videos to the month are published.

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