Videos of architectonic projects to sell better

€œI believe that it is a very professional equipment, with a clear vision of the project, good advising€¦ He is an authentic one to please to work with them.€

Marta Mil  - COAC

€œThey always must some new idea that contribute to our project. We value very many the quality of its work and the one of its human equipment.€

Guifr© Homedes - Amat Finques

€œThe sector of the architecture and construction are specialized in. They are people young and by far talent.€

Ana¯s Iglesias - The Creation House

Social Average

Video Marketing and new formats to surprise and to gain you to your public

€œIpod-Video-Converter is a great very near, innovating, amiable and professional equipment.€

Nilton Navarro - InfoJobs

€œWhat I am going to say of my own equipment€¦ They are STUPENDSTICOS€

Arnau Blanch - Arnau Griso

€œTo roll with Ipod-Video-Converter it is a unique experience€

Juan Coscubiola - Vital

Videos for architects

Audio-visual resources for architects. From conferences or meetings to corporative videos or for the Web.

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Videos of work Pursuit

Videos of civil engineering, construction of buildings, construction of time houses€¦ for a long period.

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Videos for Real Estate

Video real estate marketing to surprise and to convince the clients we also provide dedicated server and to sell a building better.

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Videos marketing for architects

Short videos for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) with a low price and a high impact.

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Short videos for Facebook and Instagram with content easy to generate and a stop engagement.

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Interactive videos

The new format of video for an innovation and greater interactivity with the user.

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Corporative videos

Videos for companies with a natural and convincing format. The best form to explain who you are.

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MUSICAL videos

We realise videos being useful our passion (and office) by music.

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What is Ipod-Video-Converter?

We are an audio-visual producer of Barcelona and are specialized in Social Average, Hosting and Architecture.

We have a Stupendastica philosophy based on the autoexigencia, the adaptability and the buenrollismo.

Our work enchants to us. If the demon requested a video to us, we would lower to hell to make a Timelapse, to see what happens. We are creative, decisive, young, friendly and currantes.

We are a good party. The typical collaborator who cheers the morning to you, that never will put to you but and that is arranged to leave the skin in your project.

Why we make good videos and we have contentments to the clients?

Multidisciplinary human equipment

Each of us we worked practically any audio-visual scope and we specialized in a concrete field of the process. The video has a well-taken care of concept and a total unit in all sections.

Professional audio-visual material

A cook needs good raw material for his plates. We needed the best cameras and resources for an audio-visual quality over the average. We want to surprise with each plane.

Desire, many desire

To make of our passion our profession causes that we answer mails the moment, that we at midnight have an idea for your project or which we are constantamente proactive.

Reasonable prices

If by each inverted Euro desire more of a Euro, no longer are a reasonable price,it is a good investment. We helped you to sell more better and. With creative ideas and briefings that they go beyond the videos.

The Ipod-Video-Converter view of Barcelona